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Magical Thing Chocolate Does to Your Brain

Magical Thing Chocolate Does to Your Brain | Health and Beauty |

In the mid 1970s, psychologist Merrill Elias began tracking the cognitive abilities of more than a thousand people in the state of New York. The goal was fairly specific: to observe the relationship between people's blood pressure and brain performance. And for decades he did just that, eventually expanding the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study (MSLS) to observe other cardiovascular risk factors, including diabetes, obesity, and smoking. There was never an inkling that his research would lead to any sort of discovery about chocolate.

And yet, 40 years later, it seems to have done just that.

Top4's insight:

A study found that people who eat chocolate at least once a week tend to perform better cognitively. The exact reason behind this result hasn't explained yet but the researchers have a few ideas. The nutrients called cocoa flavanols that contained in cocoa have a positive effect towards your brain. Some studies said that these nutrients can reduce some measures of age-related cognitive dysfunction and positively influence psychological processes. Therefore, eating the nutrient increases blood flow to the brain, which in turn improves a number of its functions.


If you need more information and advice to achieve a better health level, you should visit

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The Secret to Keep You Looking Young

The Secret to Keep You Looking Young | Health and Beauty |

FORGET glugging countless glasses of water or getting your beauty sleep. The secret to looking young is all about skin care.


Women who avoided the sun’s rays, or wore sunscreen when they couldn’t, looked up to 20 years younger than they actually were, a study has found.


In contrast, those who chased a golden tan and rarely wore sunscreen looked between five and 20 years older than their actual age.


Other supposed tricks for a youthful complexion, including drinking water, sleeping well and exercising regularly, had no effect on the skin’s appearance, the American Academy of Dermatology’s annual conference will hear today.

Top4's insight:

When it comes to skin ageing, it's better to prevent than to cure because once the damage has occurred it will be very hard to fix. While UV light from the sun is the main factor, smoking can also be very damaging—not only to your lungs, but to your skin as well.


You should read more advice and tips regarding to skin health by visiting this link Therefore, you have enough knowledge about your skin and know what to do to prevent early aging.

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Beauty Misconceptions You Should Leave

Beauty Misconceptions You Should Leave | Health and Beauty |

Do we really need to buy — and do — all that stuff the skincare industry tells us?

We all want great-looking skin but if you are finding that your beauty routine is taking up too much of your time and money, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised as we reveal the truth behind some beauty and skincare myths.

Top4's insight:

Here are the misconceptions and the explanations:

  1. There is no research suggesting that the eye area requires separated ingredient that differs from what you use on your face. If you look for a moisturizer, try to find a product that contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, emollients and skin-repairing ingredients which is perfect for the whole face, including the eye area.
  2. You need to remove makeup and dirt once you get home, but you don't need to do deep cleansing, such as coarse exfoliating, every single day. Use gentle scrubs instead and regular face wash for daily cleanser.
  3. Toothpaste may help to calm the redness of your pimples by its menthol ingredient, but the other ingredients will irritate your skin. Choose a product which mentions salicylic, alpha-hydroxy or glycolic acid on the ingredient list to cure your acne.
  4. You may need to reconsider using anti-ageing creams as a lot of ingredients can't get into the layer where it is needed and that's the reason behind injected collagen. The essential products you need as an anti-ageing are sunscreen as it protects your skin from the sun and a vitamin A or retinoid prescription-strength product to help reversing some of the sun damage effects.


There are other beauty tips and advice that you can do which proven true and not a misleading trick. Check out this link for a list of helpful tips and information about enhancing your beauty.

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Hottest north shore beauty salons revealed

Hottest north shore beauty salons revealed | Health and Beauty |

WRITER Sigourney Cantelo - a former beauty and health director for Vogue - has revealed her hot spots for beauty treatments on the lower north shore.


Ms Cantelo, who edits the website Beauticate from her North Sydney home, keeps a keen eye on the salons.


The local high streets are packed with hair, nail, massage and tanning salons. And she has chosen some of the best to compile a list of favourites.

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Developing the Anti-Aging Drug

Developing the Anti-Aging Drug | Health and Beauty |

Scientists say that therapies that could enable people to live longer and healthier living for decades longer may soon be available. This would be very possible if the effects of a compound called AP20187, that extended mice lives up to 35 percent, will be replicated in humans.

Top4's insight:

The clearance of cells that increase tumours growth using the development of a drug containing the compound for human use may improve the health span and lifespan in older people.

However, the study argues that this is still not a fixed solution to healthy aging until further studies conducted on humans will show the same results.

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This is How Alcohol Sabotages Your Skin

This is How Alcohol Sabotages Your Skin | Health and Beauty |

Oh, alcohol. Just thinking about the swirling of a buttery Shiraz gets us in the mood. But like anything decadent or buzz-inducing, it comes at a price.

While we know that certain types of alcohol have proven medical benefits, unfortunately when it comes to our skin there are no such brownie points.

Top4's insight:

The most common skin problems related to alcohol is facial flushing. And for people with a condition called rosacea, alcohol will actually aggravate that. Those who are prone to acne generally have a tendency towards rosacea as well. If you are one of those people and experience facial flushing when consuming alcohol the long-term effects can be serious.

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Your Nails May Tell About Your Health

Your Nails May Tell About Your Health | Health and Beauty |

The next time you find yourself casually glancing down at your fingertips, contemplating your next manicure, stop and take a second to find out what's happening underneath your nail polish. Your body often sends you clues that something might not be right health-wise, and your nails are no exception. 

Top4's insight:

If you see changes in nail shape, texture, and colour, this could mean you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Try to put your nail salon schedule on hold for a while and focus on improving your health instead.

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Study Says Coffee Helps You Workout Better

Study Says Coffee Helps You Workout Better | Health and Beauty |

A new paper says coffee makes exercise seem like less effort.

In a new paper published in Sports Medicine by Samuele Marcora, PhD, caffeine “reduces perception of effort and improves exercise performance, and this is one of the main reasons why three out of four elite athletes consume caffeine before or during competitions.” It can also increase the enjoyment of exercise and reduce discomfort. 

Top4's insight:

Coffee can be an alternative to increase your motivation to do exercises, as it helps to perform better and feel energised during workout.

But remember, coffee may contain sugar and calories you still need to watch. It's better to take the drink lightly regardless the boost effect.

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No food is healthy, not even kale

No food is healthy, not even kale | Health and Beauty |

Not long ago, I watched a woman set a carton of Land O’ Lakes Fat-Free Half-and-Half on the conveyor belt at a supermarket.

“Can I ask you why you’re buying fat-free half-and-half?” I said. Half-and-half is defined by its fat content: about 10 percent, more than milk, less than cream.

“Because it’s fat-free?” she responded.

“Do you know what they replace the fat with?” I asked.

“Hmm,” she said, then lifted the carton and read the second ingredient on the label after skim milk: “Corn syrup.” She frowned at me. Then she set the carton back on the conveyor belt to be scanned along with the rest of her groceries.

The woman apparently hadn’t even thought to ask herself that question but had instead accepted the common belief that fat, an essential part of our diet, should be avoided whenever possible.

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Are alcohol and tobacco companies paying for their products to get into music videos?

Are alcohol and tobacco companies paying for their products to get into music videos? | Health and Beauty |

Music videos for Beyonce's Drunk in Love and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines are saturated with depictions of drinking and smoking, making them a health hazard for young people, public health experts say.

A study of how often teens were exposed to booze and tobacco in popular music videos has caused some to question whether companies are paying for their products to appear alongside influential musicians.

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Getting fit over the age of 50: the secret to a healthy, older body

Getting fit over the age of 50: the secret to a healthy, older body | Health and Beauty |

Sitting opposite Dr Peter Herbert in a busy cafe in the market town of Carmarthen, in west Wales, it’s hard to believe that he is in his seventies. Wearing an unforgiving white T-shirt and jeans, his physique is buff enough to pass for a fit fortysomething. I know men decades younger who would trade their car for his biceps. Yet while his appearance suggests training of ironman extremes, we are here to discuss the fact that his approach to exercise is far from the hammer-and-tongs school favoured by your average middle-aged man in Lycra.

It involves no marathons, triathlons or any of the other last-ditch attempts to hold on to a youthful physique that have become de rigueur among men heading towards 50 and beyond. In fact, his physique is honed on a scientifically determined regimen that is best described as “minimal” — and, he says, it could work for you.

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The More Women Earn, the Less Healthy They Feel

The More Women Earn, the Less Healthy They Feel | Health and Beauty |

Are executive women gaining power at the expense of their health? Or do their high earnings and advanced degrees protect them from unhealthy outcomes?

I surveyed 369 North American professional women, largely drawn from Fortune 500 companies, to get a fuller picture of their health. The women in my sample included a range of incomes and education levels from senior executives to entry-level analysts to executive assistants. As far as I know, it’s the first survey of its kind to look specifically at executive women’s health.

My assumption was that most women would generally be healthy and have access to care, but I wondered if long hours, travel, and lack of consistent sleep would take an insidious toll. I analyzed the results using controls for variables like age, marital status, and ethnicity.

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Natural alternatives might not be the answer: your guide to microbeads

Natural alternatives might not be the answer: your guide to microbeads | Health and Beauty |

The US government has approved a bill banning the sale of cosmetic products containing microbeads, a move that has been applauded by environmentalists the world over. Microbeads pollute waterways where they destroy marine life. The US plans to phase out microbead-containing products by 2018.

But will Australia, home to one of the richest marine ecosystems, follow suit? What are microbeads? Microbeads are small particles used as exfoliants in body scrubs, soaps, and toothpastes.

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The Possibility of Beauty Products to Cause Health Problems

The Possibility of Beauty Products to Cause Health Problems | Health and Beauty |

Most women choose beauty products based on their benefits — radiant skin, glossy hair, or an irresistible scent. But the very ingredients that make these products superior are thought to be quietly waging war on your health.

Top4's insight:

A new study says that many personal-care products are packed with ingredients that can also disrupt hormones which control crucial health functions like metabolism, sleep, and mood. These chemicals are also believed to cause worse health problems in the long term, such as obesity, cancer, neurobehavioral problems, and infertility.


Even though there's no verdict yet, in case you want to use less preservatives in your products, you can opt for organic beauty products. Being a careful consumer and reading labels while shopping for personal-care products, you can significantly reduce the exposure.


You should read more advice and tips about staying healthy while maintain your beauty by visiting

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These are the Times When Eating is a Sin

These are the Times When Eating is a Sin | Health and Beauty |

A recent survey commissioned by a UK supplement company has reported three danger times when it comes to eating, or overeating — 11.01am, 3.14pm and 9.31pm as the times we are at highest risk of consuming a calorie overload.

Top4's insight:

Here is how to take control on your calorie intake during these times:


The 11 AM Hunger

Schedule a small snack 3-4 hours after breakfast and before 10.30 am to avoid feeling hungry too close to lunchtime. Ideally this snack should contain just 100-200 calories and 5-10g of protein to prevent you craving for food before lunchtime.

Afternoon Munchies

Scheduling a filling snack before extreme hunger hits late afternoon will also help to prevent cravings before dinner.


The 9.30 PM Sugar Hit

Plan to enjoy a single calorie controlled treat at this time of day. Having an eating cut off each day at around 8 or 9pm also works to keep the hunger away, avoid keeping tempting foods in the house may help as well.


Eating between meal time can be tempting if you don't control your food and eating portion well. If you need more advice to gain a healthy body, you should visit this link

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Research Finds Beauty Defines as a Simple Look

Research Finds Beauty Defines as a Simple Look | Health and Beauty |

Move over sharp-featured supermodels. When it comes to attractiveness, bland might just be beautiful, and simple the new sexy.


The research, published by the Royal Society of Open Science who used the men’s ratings of the ‘attractiveness’ of the images of and a computer model of the brain’s visual cortex to figure out what makes a woman ‘beautiful’, discovered a ‘simpler’ face, with less going on, was more attractive.

Top4's insight:

The paper shows that that faces that are easy to process are proven to be more attractive. The symmetrical faces and faces without unusual features are perceived as attractive partially, because they’re processed more easily.


The researchers also said that we tend to like things that are perceived more fluently. It’s processed easily because of its familiarity and as the result, makes it more positive.


Beauty is the eye of the beholder. Nobody really defines the scale of ultimate beauty, but you can always create the best appearance of yourself and reach the beauty standard in your own way. If you need more tips and advice related to beauty, you can visit this link

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Australian Famous Women Beauty Secrets Revealed

Australian Famous Women Beauty Secrets Revealed | Health and Beauty |

Three of Perth’s most recognisable women reveal some of their home treatments, techniques and budget gems that keep them looking amazing.

Top4's insight:

Three successful women from Perth, Australia shared their secrets to achieve a beautiful look.


Here are the key points:

1. Never go out without sunscreen applied on your skin.

2. Avoid sun exposure.

3. Know your skin condition and cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise religiously to get a natural glow.


Now you know what it takes to achieve a beautiful looking skin like these three famous women. Visit this link for further information about health and beauty

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Harmful Ingredients in Beauty Products

Harmful Ingredients in Beauty Products | Health and Beauty |

Whether your skincare regimen involves two or 20 products, the list of ingredients is guaranteed to be lengthy. From the simple essential oils to words we can barely pronounce, it takes a lot of mixology to create some of our favorite go-tos. But what if these old favorites are actually doing more harm than good? As the beauty world evolves and shoppers get savvier, experts are following suit by revealing the truth about product recipes. And unfortunately, we are discovering that some of the most commonly used products are wreaking havoc on your skin.

Top4's insight:

The ingredients are:

  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) - used mostly in shampoos, soaps and toothpaste.
  • Citrus Essential Oils - often used as aromatherapy oils.
  • Emulsifying Wax - commonly used to make cream-based products.
  • Synthetic fragrance -  added as scent substance in a product.

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Ageing Enzyme Finally Discovered in Breakthrough Study

Ageing Enzyme Finally Discovered in Breakthrough Study | Health and Beauty |

Study of human skin cells could pave way for powerful anti-ageing cosmetics and cancer fighting drugs. Breakthrough could pave the way for powerful anti-ageing cosmetics and cancer fighting drugs.

Top4's insight:

The study's findings are expected to push forward the science behind anti-ageing treatments. Through this research, there is now a way for developing treatments that will be specific across age ranges and skin pigmentation. Moreover, scientists are hopeful that this discovery will help address not only human skin ageing, but also the ageing process in other parts of the body. 

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Why Nude Nail Polish Changed Colour?

Why Nude Nail Polish Changed Colour? | Health and Beauty |

We're really into the neutral nail polish trend at the moment — if it's a soft pink, creamy taupe or cool nude we want it on our fingers and toes pronto. Last week we noticed we had a colour match in the team — two of us were wearing almost the exact same shade of pinky-nude, however one was a regular polish and the other was Shellac.

At the end of the week, we noticed that the gel nail colour had changed. It was still a really beautiful nude, but instead of the pink undertone it had changed into a peachy shade. The regular polish seemed to be the same, and when we put the two shades next to each other, the colour difference was quite dramatic.

Top4's insight:

Apparently, there is a reason why your nude nail polish changed colour after several weeks. Besides choosing the right nail salon to get the proper procedure for nail-polish application, there're also other factors which affect the colour to change.

Your nail health, the length of the nail polish you wear, what products used on your skin and applied on your nail during the process may be the reason why your light-coloured nail polish has different shade after several weeks. 

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Hair Stylist Identify Common Hair Mistakes

Hair Stylist Identify Common Hair Mistakes | Health and Beauty |

The Jetsons have a lot to answer for. Jane Jetson had a magical makeover machine which did her hair and makeup in a matter of seconds back in the early 60s, yet it's 2016 and we're still having to apply slap and style our hair ourselves. Not cool.

So until we have robots to tszuj our stands into perfection, we asked hair stylists to dish on some common mistakes you may be making when it comes to styling our own hair and selecting cuts and colours. Tweak these and you'll be whipping your (perfect) hair back and forth in no time.

Top4's insight:

Here's what you should do instead:

  • Blow-drying shouldn't be started when the hair is still wet. Let the hair dry naturally then you can start styling it.
  • Choose a hair cut which suits your face feature and hair texture.
  • When selecting a hair color, it's better to opt for colors close to your natural hue.
  • Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner set based on your hair type. 
  • Apply styling products in a small amount for a starter, then add when you think you need more.
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How Wearable Tech Is Creeping Into the Beauty Industry

How Wearable Tech Is Creeping Into the Beauty Industry | Health and Beauty |

With ith the recent unveiling of L’Oréal’s wearable UV-monitoring patch, the world of beauty wearables has hit the big time. The market is already filling with wearables designed to monitor health—pulse, blood pressure, blood sugar and more—so beauty wearables are a logical next step. Though L’Oréal may be the first company to bring a beauty wearable to market, there’s plenty more coming down the pike. Look out for these interesting technologies in the near future. 

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Can't Grow a Beard? Get a Transplant

Can't Grow a Beard? Get a Transplant | Health and Beauty |

These days, everyone wants to grow a beard. And why not? They're masculine, stylish, and they even keep your face from getting chapped in winter. But what about those baby-faced guys who can barely sprout a whisker? You can always opt for a beard transplant. In a day where the lunch-time facelift is growing acceptance, it's not surprising that there are plenty of (pricey) options when it comes to surgically patching your beard.

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Beauty Trends For 2016: Botox Creams, Pressed Serums And Fillers

Beauty Trends For 2016: Botox Creams, Pressed Serums And Fillers | Health and Beauty |

Now that 2016 is here, it’s always interesting to take a journey through the best-selling beauty products on Amazon, or see what beauty experts are buzzing about in Google News. One of those new buzz terms is “pressed serum,” which is a hybrid cream — sort of a mix between a serum and a moisturizer. According to the Gloss, the best part about pressed serums are that they still contain the potent ingredients of a serum, while also containing the moisturizing benefits of a moisturizer.

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5 Big Differences Between Being 45 And 65

5 Big Differences Between Being 45 And 65 | Health and Beauty |

Priorities shift in surprising ways.

1. More body parts fail when you are 65, but it upsets you less.

Right around age 45, I started to need reading glasses. I joked about how the real problem wasn't my failing vision but that my arms no longer stretched far enough to see the printed type. But deep inside, I saw my diminishing vision as the beginning of the end, the starting gate of a long slide into decrepitude. I was bummed.

Today, I have separate glasses for reading, computer work, and driving at night. I stash spare pairs in every purse, on every countertop, in every desk drawer and in both my car and my husband's. I buy most of them in the drugstore and don't care a whit about what they look like. Without handy access to a pair of glasses at any given moment, I am worthless vision-wise.

By the time I hit 65, not being able to see as clearly as I once did was the least of my problems. I also now have trouble hearing, my feet hurt from years of stupidly wearing high heels, my metabolism has slowed to a turtle crawl and I have regular conversations with the doctor about things like adult onset diabetes, hypertension and my cholesterol numbers.

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