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Cramping legs: the cause and how to ease them

Cramping legs: the cause and how to ease them | Health and Beauty |

If you have ever been woken by sore, aching and painful legs you’ll know how debilitating leg cramp can be. One in three over 60s have struggled with leg pain from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence.

What causes leg cramps?  Leg cramps can be caused by many conditions, from dehydration, up to something as serious as kidney disease, according to physical therapist Matthew Hyland, president of the New York Physical Therapy Association. “Cramps often result from vigorous exercise, trauma to the muscle, or keeping the leg in an awkward position for too long, such as sitting in a crowded theater. Other causes can include medications such as birth control, diuretics (which are often prescribed for people with high blood pressure) and steroids. A lack of potassium or calcium can also be the underlying cause, as well as cold weather”.

How can you relieve the pain?   There are a few different ways you can soothe a sore leg that is cramped. While it may be painful, getting up and moving around may actually ease cramping of the muscle. Stretching and massaging the muscle also can calm down a clenched calf, as can analgesic or heat balm. It’s not recommended to take painkillers because they don’t help quickly enough, although it may make you feel better if the muscle tenderness is prolonged. If cramps persist for more than 5 to 10 minutes, or occur more than a couple of times a week, consult your doctor.

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Protective effects of high fitness against early death reduced in obese people, study finds

Protective effects of high fitness against early death reduced in obese people, study finds | Health and Beauty |

A new study, published today in the International Journal of Epidemiology, has dismissed the concept of 'fat but fit'. In contrast, the results from the new study suggest that the protective effects of high fitness against early death are reduced in obese people.

Although the detrimental effects of low aerobic fitness have been well documented, this research has largely been performed in older populations. Few studies have investigated the direct link between aerobic fitness and health in younger populations. This study by academics in Sweden followed 1,317,713 men for a median average of 29 years to examine the association between aerobic fitness and death later in life, as well as how obesity affected these results. The subjects' aerobic fitness was tested by asking them to cycle until they had to stop due to fatigue.

Men in the highest fifth of aerobic fitness had a 48 per cent lower risk of death from any cause compared with those in the lowest fifth. Stronger associations were observed for deaths related to suicide and abuse of alcohol and narcotics. Unexpectedly, the authors noted a strong association between low aerobic fitness and also deaths related to trauma. Co-author Peter Nordström has no explanation for this finding: "We could only speculate, but genetic factors could have influenced these associations given that aerobic fitness is under strong genetic control."

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Aspirin can treat far more than just your hangover | The New Daily

Aspirin can treat far more than just your hangover | The New Daily | Health and Beauty |

recent breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research has sparked new interest in the therapeutic uses of aspirin, which scientists claim can be used to treat everything from cancer to acne.

In a study published in PLOS One last month, a team of researchers found that salicylic acid, a key ingredient of aspirin, binds to the enzyme GAPDH that triggers cell death in neurons and hence may be used to slow down the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

Salicylic acid, a plant hormone that helps regulate plant immunity, is naturally found in willow bark and has been used to treat fever and pain since the time of Hippocrates, but it was not until the mid-1800s that it was synthesised in the form of acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin.

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Hot Messy Hair for Your Instagram This Summer

Hot Messy Hair for Your Instagram This Summer | Health and Beauty |

Kylie Jenner is the keyword for Beauty trendsetter this 2015. After her signature lip style (and her cosmetic line launch recently), now she 'shared' her current hair style to the world.

This hot messy hair style has successfully been replicated all over the world. Cyber space is not an exception. You might see this kind of hairstyle filled your Instagram feed for the past months.

You can try this messy hairstyle for the whole year, not limited to certain season. However, this will add an extra value to your look when you try pull it out during this summer season. Also, this style can be applied to various kinds of hair length.

If you want to obtain this kind of hair style, we'll introduce you to Anh Co Tran. He works with women from the Entertainment business (say, Ginnifer Goodwin, Faith Hill, Jessica Alba, etc.) and he knows how to get this hair look without going to a fancy salon.

Yes, you can do it by yourself at home with a few tools and products which you can purchase online or on the supermarket nearby.

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Surviving the heat of summer

Surviving the heat of summer | Health and Beauty |

In the southern states of Australia, we survive the cold of winter by looking forward to the heat of summer and the pleasures of holidays, Christmas, watching or playing sport, barbecues, swimming, picnics, alfresco meals. Add visitors and grandchildren to the mix and a few survival tips may be helpful.

  • Sunstroke - When outside always wear a stylish sunhat to shade your face and prevent sunstroke. If you feel overcome, dizzy, weak or nauseous, rest in the shade and take a long drink of water.
  • Hydration - We normally lose about one and half litres of water in urine each day, but on a very hot day, we may lose almost three litres through extra perspiration. 
  • Sunglasses Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare and to prevent squinting which can encourage wrinkles. 
  • Dry skin - Your skin will be thirsting for more moisture. Use body lotion and moisturiser lavishly and often. Hands, legs and face especially. Remember elbows and knees.
  • Hair - The stylish sunhat should protect your hair from sun damage, nevertheless, treat your hair to a conditioning treatment or mask now and again. 
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Here's the crucial reason why men should care about their skin

Here's the crucial reason why men should care about their skin | Health and Beauty |

Here’s the message that dermatologists and skincare professionals want to get through to men across the globe: skincare matters.

No matter what age you are, you can benefit from developing a skincare regimen for your skin.

Why? Because it will keep your skin looking better, fresher, and younger for longer — as well as ward off irreversible sun damage.

“A lot of guys say, ‘Oh I don’t have time. I really don’t need it.’ The truth of the matter is that you do,” Chris Salgardo, author of grooming and skincare guide Manmade and president of skincare brand Kiehl’s, told Business Insider.

The most important thing men can do is use sunscreen daily.

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Treating Sensitive Skin

Treating Sensitive Skin | Health and Beauty |

Sensitive skin is a term used loosely used to describe skin that forms a reaction to any product. This reaction could be redness, flushing, stinging, burning, itching or the development of rashes, swelling or breakouts. With so many non-prescribed skincare products available over the counter, more men and women are suffering from sensitive skin. Although some causes of sensitive skin can be due to eczema or dermatitis, the majority of cases are due to a compromised skin barrier that is caused from a harsh chemical on the skin and excessive exposure to environmental elements such as sun, wind, air-conditioning, water and so forth.

Although some patients might require medical treatment with corticosteroids cream to reduce the inflammation in the skin, corticosteroids are best avoided as a long-term solution as they can thin the skin.

Untreated skin can result in severely compromised skin barriers – this can lead to the consequence of dry, cracked, red and inflamed skin. Chronic inflammation of the skin results in premature ageing of the skin.

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Berries, Chilli Powder And Avo Plus Other Foods For Glowy Skin This Summer

Berries, Chilli Powder And Avo Plus Other Foods For Glowy Skin This Summer | Health and Beauty |

Is there anything better than plump, flawless skin?

Like teeth, it’s one of the few things both men and women care about -- and put effort into taking care of.

But as well as daily cleansing and (hopefully) moisturising, having a nutrient-dense diet rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega oils is crucial for ensuring your skin reaches its (totally achievable) cherub potential.  In fact, a glowy, Miranda Kerr-like complexion starts with the food you eat.

“Vitamins and minerals play an integral role for maintaining healthy skin as they are necessary for many enzyme reactions, hormone production and collagen formation,” = the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica education manager Emma Hobson told The Huffington Post Australia.

A key player in the skincare world is Vitamin B (biotin) which is responsible for forming the basis of skin, hair and nail cells.

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Korean Beauty Products - skincare innovation

Korean Beauty Products - skincare innovation | Health and Beauty |

If you didn’t already know that Korean beauty is the biggest and hottest trend in the beauty world right now, you’ve been living under a beauty rock for quite some time. K-beauty has been the next big thing and the epicentre of makeup and beauty products for years, and we just can’t get enough. But who’s to blame us? From the high technology and science behind each product creating stunning wearable art to the pretty packaging  – Korean beauty products have swept the market by storm. 

Korea’s leadership in skincare innovation got global attention with the creation and phenomenal success of the BB cream and since then, Korea’s skincare secrets have been at the forefront of the skincare industry’s trend forecasting, here in Australia and around the world.

Priceline is now proud to offer Korean beauty with Touch in SOL, one of the hottest Korean beauty brands around. Touch in SOL has its fingers on the pulse of innovation in skincare and cosmetics, delivering a range that is unique, practical and affordable. With the ideal marriage of natural botanical ingredients and cutting edge technology, the brand aims to infuse fun and function in to every makeup bag across the globe!

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Business gets under Isabella’s skin

Business gets under Isabella’s skin | Health and Beauty |

ISABELLA Dymalovski is absolutely made up with how her cosmetics business is going.  At just 13, the high-school entrepreneur from St Kilda launched her own range of skincare products called Luv Ur Skin earlier this year.

Isabella started working on her own line of products when she was just eight, after being told she couldn’t wear her mum’s skincare products.

“Mum wouldn’t let me use her makeup because it would be bad for my skin and she said if I wanted to use makeup I’d either have to make my own or use baby products,” Isabella said.  “I didn’t want to use baby products, but I don’t think she realised at the time how seriously I would take it.”

The Luv Ur Skin range includes body lotion, lip gloss, nail polish, moisturiser and more.

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Varicose vein pain: How to reduce and prevent

Varicose vein pain: How to reduce and prevent | Health and Beauty |

Varicose veins are so common and it’s the time of the year where we want to show off our legs and feel cool, but don’t feel confident. Besides being unsightly, these enlarged veins can be dangerous for your health. Even when they pose no threat, they can be painful and uncomfortable.

Your veins have gotten this way as a result of lost elasticity combined with a weakening of the one-way valves in the veins. These valves are supposed to stop the blood from falling back in the direction of gravity and away from your heart but if they are weakened you can get a pooling of blood in the dilated veins, hence the bulges characteristic of varicose veins.

Varicose veins can cause swelling, aching, itching, heaviness in the limb and fatigue. In severe cases the circulation to the lower leg is affected and may result in clots.

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School formals pump $500,000 into CQ businesses

School formals pump $500,000 into CQ businesses | Health and Beauty |

AFTER a decade of creating styles for formals, Melissa Galvin knows it's more than just a simple hairstyle.

The Rockhampton hairdresser said the perfect style could also create lasting business for salons.  Melissa, who works at Wandal Hair and Beauty, said she styled hair for seven girls last week as the region's seniors celebrated their final days at school.

She said it was important to make sure the hair worked with the rest of the outfit and that each girl felt it was perfect for her.  Having so many formals so close to the Christmas season was something Melissa said many salons would have benefited from.

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Why men should only use skincare products labelled for them

Why men should only use skincare products labelled for them | Health and Beauty |

It turns out there’s a reason why there’s separate skincare products for men and women — and it goes beyond the gunmetal grey or pink container.

“What’s unique with the skin is that the skin is very sensitive to sex hormone levels,” Dr. Terrence Keaney, a dermatologist who specialises in men’s skin and works with Dove’s Men+Care line, told Business Insider.

Since men have a lot more testosterone than women, and lower levels of estrogen, “it’s no surprise that men’s and women’s skin is different,” Dr Keaney said.  “What works for a female patient doesn’t necessarily work for a male patient.”

Testosterone is the main reason why men’s skin is thicker, why their hair — on their face, scalp, and elsewhere — is coarse and thicker, and why they sweat more than women.  Men’s lower levels of estrogen affect their skin’s moisture content and wrinkles. Since men’s skin is so different in so many ways, it’s obvious that they would need products specially formulated for their skin.  The next time you reach for your girlfriend’s moisturizer, remember that you may not be doing as much to help your skin as you could be if you had the right product for your male skin.

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It May Be Your Liver, Not Your Conscience, Stopping You From Over Indulging In Sugar And Alcohol

It May Be Your Liver, Not Your Conscience, Stopping You From Over Indulging In Sugar And Alcohol | Health and Beauty |

The sweets are out and the champagne's flowing but you can't possibly have another iota of sugar or alcohol.

Before you congratulate yourself on your willpower, you might want to save some praise for your liver, because two new studies released today, on Christmas, show the first evidence of a liver-derived hormone that specifically regulates intake of sugars and alcohol.

This hormone has major potential for its ability to prevent overconsumption of sugar, which could be harnessed for the diet and wellness market but so far, its effect has only been studied in mice and primates.

The first study in primates showed the hormone -- called FGF21 -- suppressed the consumption of sweets with just one dose.

"We never imagined that a circulating, liver-derived factor would exist whose function is to control sweet appetite," University of Copenhagen co-senior author Matthew Gillum said.

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Home Remedies for Eyelash Growths is Not as Bad as you Think

Home Remedies for Eyelash Growths is Not as Bad as you Think | Health and Beauty |

Beauty is all about being outstanding in every aspect of beauty. This beauty ranges from beautiful skin, hair, eyes and even the physical figures. All these does not come on a silver platter, all requires commitment to make it a reality. For instance, for an individual to have a nice body figure, exercise and proper choice of diet is important. For the case of skin, more attention on hygiene is what is required and eyes makeup and the natural remedies do it well. Thick and long eyelashes are what make the eyes sexier and more beautiful. Some people think that the artificial ways for eyelash growth are the best compared to the natural ways which isn’t necessarily true. Below are home remedies for eyelash growth;

  1. Applying olive oil
  2. Removing makeup on regular basis
  3. Trimming
  4. Be gentle when removing mascara
  5. Applying almond oil
  6. Check what you eat
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The most important thing men should know before starting a skincare routine

The most important thing men should know before starting a skincare routine | Health and Beauty |

So you’ve finally decided to take care of your skin — good for you! You’re finally convinced that it’s an investment in the future of your skin, which is great. But you’re probably wondering — what do you do now? How on Earth do you start a skincare routine?

The first step is finding products that you like and that work for you. But before you buy anything, the real first step is knowing your skin.

According to Chris Salgardo, president of skincare brand Kiehl’s and author of Manmade: The Essential Skincare & Grooming Reference For Every Man, it’s really not that hard to figure out your skin type. Most men have either dry, normal, or oily skin. It turns out, there’s an easy way to tell.

At the end of the day:

Does your skin still feel tight? You likely have dry and dehydrated skin.
Is it shiny and oily? You probably have oilier skin than most.
Does it look fine, with a matte appearance? Then you likely have normal skin.

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#StonerSloth anti-drugs campaign by NSW Government is 'laughable'

#StonerSloth anti-drugs campaign by NSW Government is 'laughable' | Health and Beauty |

A stoned sloth is the face of a new campaign from the NSW Government aimed at deterring teenagers from smoking cannabis with the tagline "You're worse on weed".

The #StonerSloth campaign, jointly released with St Vincent's Alcohol and Drug Information Service, has garnered significant reaction on social media, with #StonerSloth trending at number one on Twitter Australia on Saturday.

Many users are saying the advertisements, which depict a stoned sloth in various youth environments, are "ridiculously funny" and "an early Christmas present".

The campaign has its own website, as well as a Facebook and Tumblr page featuring videos, gifs and images encouraging teens to stay away from marijuana.

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Too much sleep, too much sitting may shorten life

Too much sleep, too much sitting may shorten life | Health and Beauty |

Sleeping more than nine hours a night, and sitting too much during the day could be a hazardous combination, particularly when added to a lack of exercise, according to new findings to emerge from the Sax Institute's 45 and Up Study.

The findings, published today in the journal PLOS Medicine, show that a person who sleeps too much, sits too much and isn't physically active enough is more than four times as likely to die early as a person without those unhealthy lifestyle habits. (Too much sitting equates to more than 7 hours a day and too little exercise is defined as less than 150 minutes a week.)

"Evidence has increased in recent years to show that too much sitting is bad for you and there is growing understanding about the impact of sleep on our health but this is the first study to look at how those things might act together," said lead author Dr Melody Ding.

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Popular sunscreens failing to meet UV protection claims revealed

Popular sunscreens failing to meet UV protection claims revealed | Health and Beauty |

Before you slip, slop, slap this summer, it’s worth investigating your sunscreen of choice, which has just been made much easier by Choice itself.

The consumer advocacy group tested six of the most popular sunscreens, revealing four of the six don’t meet their UV protection claims of SPF 50+.

The worst performer of the tested group was Ego Sunsense Sport 50+ which only offered protection of SPF 29.

The two best performers - which held up their end of the SPF 50+ protection deal – were Classic Zinc and Nivea Sun Kids Caring Roll-on.

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Coffee as therapy

Coffee as therapy | Health and Beauty |

It is estimated that around 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide on a daily basis. Coffee is, no doubt, the most commonly used drug in the world.

When you think of coffee, however, you typically think of caffeine but coffee is, in fact, a complex cocktail of a thousand other chemicals which appear to have profound metabolic benefits.

These basic chemicals are grouped into what is known as polyphenols which are also present in a variety of plant based foods and fluids. This is precisely the reason why plant based foods and fluids are very good for you.

I often speak about one of the best and longest epidemiological studies in the world. The Nurses' Health study & the Male Physicians' Trial conducted at Harvard University. These trials , combined have studied well over 130 thousand people for up to 30 years. The nurses and doctors involved in the trial are required to fill in a questionnaire every four years regarding all aspects of their health including all of their lifestyle habits.

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Suburn, Fake Tan, Green Hair: 6 beauty hacks for surviving summer

Suburn, Fake Tan, Green Hair: 6 beauty hacks for surviving summer | Health and Beauty |

If the sun and heat are playing havoc with your hair, skin, nails these beauty hacks can help you restore them to their former glory.

Green Hair - Swimming in a chlorine pool can turn blonde hair an unwanted shade of green. To protect your hair from turning green wear a swim cap or use a leave-in conditioner before swimming and rinse your hair with clean water as soon as you get out.

Removing Fake Tan - Once a self tan starts to look patchy it’s time to remove it. Have a warm bath with some bath oil to soften the skin and then give your skin a light rub with a body polish or exfoliator.

Insect Bites - Mosquitoes, midges and flies are out in force now, and they love to leave their itchy red blotches. Ice packs can help with pain and swelling.

Dry, Cracked Heels - Dry, cracked heels can really ruin the look of fabulous sandals. To keep your heels in check give your feet a soak a few times a week in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil or Epsom salts.

Sunburn - take a cool bath adding either a few drops of peppermint oil or some black, peppermint or green tea.

Rough Skin - Make your own body exfoliator to treat rough skin by adding a handful of sugar to your body wash.

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Cacao and green tea may help treat diabetes complications

Cacao and green tea may help treat diabetes complications | Health and Beauty |

Cacao and green tea contain substances that may help prevent and treat kidney complications and retinal lesions caused by diabetes, scientists say.

The findings are from a study at Brazil's Campinas State University, supported by the Sao Paulo State Research Support Foundation.

Jose Butori Lopes de Faria, co-ordinator of the study, said the project "proved, in a rigorous way", that cacao and green tea reduced the death of podocytes, the cells that restrict the transfer of proteins to urine.  "The transfer of albumin to urine is the main renal disorder in a patient with diabetes," the scientist said.

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This New Makeup Styling Guide Is The Future of Beauty Retail In Salons

This New Makeup Styling Guide Is The Future of Beauty Retail In Salons | Health and Beauty |

How much are you capitalising on makeup retail in your salon? If you’ve been holding back because you think your stylists aren’t equipped to sell makeup, you can’t find the right professional range or you don’t see why makeup is so important to haircare, this platform (and makeup brand) is rapidly changing that train of thought.

The Curtis Collection have released a Makeup Stylist Guide, an online platform that gauges your client’s complexion, undertone, eye colour, hair colour and more to determine the right beauty shades for them, taken from the comprehensive Curtis Collection beauty portfolio. Several hair brands have been utilising this technology in diagnosing hair, and now this unique technology is bringing that idea to beauty shades.

“One thing people do at this time of year is add highlights or change their hair colour, so if you are a hairdresser, a lot of the time, people walk away and they’re not sure how they feel about that hair colour because they’re wearing the same makeup,” Victoria Curtis, The Curtis Collection Founder, said. “I think makeup tones play a big part in making your hair colour come alive and complementing it.”

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Can hot drinks cause cancer?

Can hot drinks cause cancer? | Health and Beauty |

Most of us enjoy a good cuppa. And for a cuppa to be good it needs to be hot. But should we cool our relationship with one of our favourite beverages, given that research has linked drinking hot tea to cancer?

Probably not, unless you drink your tea scaldingly hot — in which case you're increasing your risk of one kind of cancer of the oesophagus.

The link between hot drinks and cancer has been bandied around for decades — the first article proposing it was published in 1939. But a clear association between drinking scalding hot tea and an increased risk of oesophageal cancer was firmly established in a study published in the British Medical Journal in 2009.

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Coffee for longevity

Coffee for longevity | Health and Beauty |

There are lots of “good vs bad” dualities that inhabit our consciousness; light versus darkness, God versus The Devil, Superman versus The Joker, thongs versus sandals, and even tea versus coffee. Somehow coffee has garnered the bad guy image in the beverage world where tea is seen as the genteel avenue to health and polite conversation. While tea deserves its good reputation it seems from a new study that coffee may not be such a bad guy after all.

The study used data drawn from more than 200,000 people who were followed up over the course of 30 years. In that time researchers assessed coffee drinking every four years using validated food questionnaires. In the 30 years of the study just under 32,000 people died from a range of causes.

Analysis showed that people who frequently drank coffee were also more likely to drink and smoke. However, when you took smoking out of the equation by looking only at people who had never been smokers it emerged that people who drink moderate amounts of coffee, less than five cups a day, have lower risks of death from cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, type 2 diabetes, and suicide.

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