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Make-up artist has created natural range which can heal spots

Make-up artist has created natural range which can heal spots | Health and Beauty |

IT’S every bad-skin sufferer’s dream — and a make-up artist has created a range of powders that she says can heal spots.  Azzi Williams, of North Manly, came up with the make-up after battling acne. She says the secret blend of arrowroot flower and Australian clays draw out toxins and make a healthier alternative to the nasty chemicals often in make-up.

For Williams, 36, who has got celebs including Channel 10 host Angela Bishop camera-ready, battling spots while working in the UK got her down.  “It was terrible,” she said. “As a make-up artist, everyone’s scrutinising your face.”

Now Williams, who created the $35 make-up in her kitchen, says her years of research are paying off. “I have two customers in the US with lupus and it’s helping heal their skin.” she said.

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Are you using peptides? What you need to know about this beauty wonder product

Are you using peptides? What you need to know about this beauty wonder product | Health and Beauty |

Beauty creams are sometimes described as dreams in a jar and when we spend money buying a beauty cream, we might just as well purchase something that could help those dreams come true. Thankfully the beauty industry has at long last acknowledged the benefits of that wonderful ingredient – THE PEPTIDE. Peptides are not new to the industry but haven’t been widely used for some years. I notice that the peptide which I recommend, with the trade name Matrixyl has become available and is now quite a common ingredient of beauty creams and serums. A moisturising cream or serum containing peptides is ideally suited to mature skin which is so after prone to dryness.

The molecular structure of peptides helps the moisturising effect of the cream or serum to last longer and penetrate deeper. Matrixyl claims to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Peptides are controversial at the moment in the sporting world, but the peptides used in beauty creams are quite safe.

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Fluid Hair Painting Is The New Way To Colour Hair

Fluid Hair Painting Is The New Way To Colour Hair | Health and Beauty |

Just when you thought hair colouring had become stagnant, there’s a whole new way to reinvent the colour wheel. Introducing Fluid Hair Painting, a technique created by KL Christofferson of Cheeky Strut Salon in Michigan, and disseminated to us via the internet. What would we do without it?

The technique involves the client lying down with their hair fanned out over the table, while the colourist paints the hair balyage style. The alternate position apparently allows the colourist more control over the placement of colour, leading to an overall more fluid colour result – hence the name.

According to colourists and clients who have tried to the new move, everywhere from Canada to Germany, Sweden and more, benefits include the ability to create a soft gradient effect, subtle mermaid hues or even brighter tones.

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Top beauty tips from Sheppard

Top beauty tips from Sheppard | Health and Beauty |

AMY and Emma from ARIA award winning local act Sheppard have travelled the globe this year. Their Instagram accounts will give you a serious case of travel-envy.

1. Water - We never get on a flight without two litres of water each now.

2. High quality fish oil tablets - Consuming Omega 3 has an abundance of health benefits.

3. Hair styling - You can never go wrong with having a few braiding techniques up your sleeve.

4. Hair products - Constant use of high heat tools can be extremely damaging to your hair. It’s important to have a nourishing shampoo, conditioner, treatment and leave in conditioner.

5. Eye mask - They are great for reducing signs of ageing, stress and fatigue.

6. Translucent mattifying powder - Now, to eliminate shine, we use translucent powder, which is void of any pigment. You can use it all day to keep your makeup looking fresh.

7. Tanning - We have tired almost every self-tanner available in Australia and we have found using a moose and mitt is your best bet for an even, non-steak tan.

8. Lipsticks - Lipsticks are an easy way to brighten up any makeup look.

9. Dry shampoo - Dry shampoo also gives your hair great texture when used in freshly washed hair.

10. When all else fails - BIG Sunglasses -  We are suckers for crazy-looking shades and they are a great way to deter from your overgrown eyebrows;)

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The cult of Australian cosmetics

The cult of Australian cosmetics | Health and Beauty |

While global mega-brands like Maybelline and Revlon may dominate the Australian cosmetics market, home-grown brands are not only carving out a niche for themselves, they’re even giving the major brands a run for their money in some categories, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal. Some 6.3 million Australian women 14+ (64%) buy make-up of some kind in an average six months, with nine of the 10 best-selling brands being foreign-owned: Maybelline, Revlon, Avon, L’Oréal, Covergirl, Rimmel, MAC, Max Factor and OPI.

But one Aussie brand creeps in at number 10: Nude by Nature, purchased by 314,000 women during this time period (or 5% of total cosmetics buyers) – which puts it ahead of prestige brands Clinique and Estée Lauder.

Top4's insight:

Since cosmetics has been a part of everyday lives of women, it is indeed that these things were considered as a necessity.

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Aussie Brand Expands Into South Africa

Aussie Brand Expands Into South Africa | Health and Beauty |

Salon Only has practically been on Safari – the Australian haircare brand has been met with acclaim in a series of live shows across South Africa. A team of global stylists showed off the products under the theme of ‘What’s Trending In Hair Now’, demonstrating these Australian export products to audiences across Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

The tour was conducted by Sharplines, a division of Twincare International that sought to expand the range beyond Australia. Salon Only and Australia’s own Gaetano Zammit, Paul Stafford of North Ireland, Dennis Joseph from the USA and the UK’s Giles Robinson present the varied array of styles on stage. The show was described as a mix of glamorous and fashion-forward hair looks.

Distributed by RPR Hair Care, the Salon Only Range is dedicated to offering a luxurious, natural, professional and scientific portfolio. Now that it’s launched to such a positive response in South Africa, there’s no telling where it will go next

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The Secret to Sexy, Beachy Hair Is Easier Than You Think

The Secret to Sexy, Beachy Hair Is Easier Than You Think | Health and Beauty |

Summer swim season is all about salty, glowing skin, dishevelled hair, sun-kissed freckles, and relaxed smiles . . . the absolute best that natural beauty can give. It's a nonchalant nod to effortless hot weather textures that makes us feel beautiful, and we radiate from the inside out. This season we're embracing the sexiness of the '70s metallic trend and showing you how you can make this look all yours for the Summer.

Up-and-coming model stunner Juliette Perkins lent her beauty to our latest #popaushoots and the images are sensational. Juliette, a New Zealand native, embodies the essence of Summer's gorgeousness — long, healthy hair, a wicked sense of humour and the most infectious gap-toothed grin.

We enlisted the help of celebrity mane man Anthony Nader, from Raw salon in Sydney, who created the ultimate Summer texture using luxury salon brand, Oribe. He has one tip you need to remember for incredible hair: "Feed your hair moisture, moisture and more moisture! Your strands will thrive on this and need this, so invest in a leave-in conditioner and spray in daily, then style your hair as you would normally do."

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How you can breathe your way to better health

How you can breathe your way to better health | Health and Beauty |

Deep belly breathing can help us lose weight, detox, control our anxiety and release a lot of bliss. Jody Scott reveals how to breathe better.

Each day, without even thinking the average person breathes in and out about 20,000 to 30,000 times. So it makes sense that the ancient science of yoga has long believed the breath is the key to a healthy mind and body.

Now modern science is discovering deep breathing can help boost immunity, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, ward off anxiety and depression and even help you lose weight.

Eleanor Mann who runs conscious breathing workshops in Sydney says most people are shallow breathers and don’t activate their full breathing mechanism, which includes the belly, the lower chest and the upper chest.

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Australian Skin Clinics named Fastest Growing Beauty Franchise in Australia

Australian Skin Clinics named Fastest Growing Beauty Franchise in Australia | Health and Beauty |

Leading Australian medi-aesthetic franchise, Australian Skin Clinics, has been named the fastest growing beauty franchise in Australia, placing 7th on the 2015 BRW Fast Starters list.

The BRW Fast Starters list ranks Australia’s fastest growing, public and private, small and medium start-up businesses that present solid business practices required to deliver exceptional growth.

Founded on the Gold Coast in 2011, Australian Skin Clinics is one of Australia's original laser and skin rejuvenation clinics and has risen to become one of Australia's fastest growing franchises, last year enjoying a 78 per cent growth and revenue of more than $25.5 million.

Australian Skin Clinics Managing Director, Deb Farnworth-Wood, said the company has achieved rapid expansion due to its successful business model and growing consumer demand for its services.

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